The Job of Leadership – Free Wallpaper

Ev Williams posted a great article on Medium that describes the job of leadership.  Leaders must involve a three fold approach to succeed with their teams: alignment, enthusiasm, and the right goal.  

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Using Sequel Pro with Laravel Homestead

Laravel Homestead is now out, and I love using it for my Vagrant environment.  That being said, sometimes configuration of third-party tools like Sequel Pro can be a bit funny.

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What Has Taylor Otwell Not Included In Laravel?

Question: What plans does Taylor Otwell have for Laravel that time constraints have kept him from realizing?

Taylor Otwell: If I had unlimited time to work on Laravel, what would I do?

Tanner Hearne: Well, firstly, how much time do you spend like on average per week, you think?

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Will Laravel 5 Be a Hard Upgrade?


**This conversation happened before the announcement on September 11, 2014 that Laravel version 4.3 would be named Laravel version 5.  It does not change the overall idea relayed the interview – the version number was changed due to the big change in directory structure among other things.

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Link to CSS File in Laravel 4 using the HTML Class

Here is a simple how-to with Laravel 4 if you are wondering how to link to CSS correctly from a View.  I was having trouble finding it in the documentation or in an article online, so hopefully people can find this article and rejoice!

In your Blade template you can just include:

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Just Do It Again

Seth Godin posted a super engaging blog post today.  It asks us to view the limits we place on ourselves. “Oh, I could never do that” or “That person just knows how to do that thing better

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Traffic is the prime example of when negative feelings overtake the character trait of patience. If traffic keeps us in our car for even an extra minute, we

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iOS 7, Apple, and Jony Ive

I am looking forward to the coming updates that will come with iOS 7.

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Sometimes all we need is rest.

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Too many times we believe other people’s lesser valuation of us and what we are worth.  It may be a client, a boss, a friend, a parent, or a competitor.  The reality is, valuations are opinions

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